A mix of strategic and tactical articles on all things sales and marketing, as well as personal thoughts on anything under the sun.

Building and maintaining ABM target lists - Part 1

∙ 9 min

Account-based marketing programs depend wholly on a clean, logical and up-to-date target list of accounts. Building and maintaining this is easier said than done.

Language switching UI/UX on multilingual sites

∙ 8 min

After researching how to implement language switching on multilingual websites and building my own flow, I share my thoughts and what I learned.

Scrubbing myself of The Firm

∙ 4 min

McKinsey crossed a line that cut into my life deeply. I’m bidding them farewell.

Hacking Airtable to manage enterprise terminology

∙ 6 min

Words and consistency of usage matter. Here’s a lightweight method to start managing your enterprise terminology to make your content better.

N26 has a user experience problem

∙ 6 min

N26’s mission is to make banking the world loves. They’ve almost gotten it right, but there’s a critical problem with the experience.

About my images

∙ 3 min

Here’s where I get the images to accompany each post.

Why Notion changes website builds

∙ 6 min

Using Notion to rapidly build website content hierarchies and the content itself is proving to be highly effective for me. I share my experiences so far.

International relocation during a pandemic

∙ 5 min

The story of how we moved from London to Berlin during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Untangling information architecture and sitemaps

∙ 3 min

Thoughts on the conflation of information archicture and sitemaps

Notes without databases

∙ 7 min

After bouncing around between note-taking apps, I decided to build by own setup with readily-availible tools.

How I built this site

∙ 3 min

Learn which toolset I used to build this site and how you can do it too.

Image management without databases

∙ 8 min

I got sick of being locked into one photo app or another photo app so built a independent setup.

Password managers for marketing teams

∙ 7 min

I documented some non-trivial lessons I’ve learned along the way of using password managers when running a marketing team.