A mix of strategic and tactical articles on all things sales and marketing, as well as personal thoughts on anything under the sun.

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The problem with (SFDC) Leads

∙ 8 min

I explore some problems within the Salesforce data model - specifically Leads, and how to address the issue in B2B enterprise marketing.

Addressing the content gating problem - Part 1

∙ 7 min

To gate or not to gate: that is the quesiton. Content marketers struggle with this because of the website frameworks we’re used to. There’s a better way.

In defense of 100%

∙ 5 min

My thoughts on the incarnation of 80/20 in the business world and its hidden negative effects

Outreach’s less known email superpowers

∙ 6 min

I walk you through two sales/marketing use-cases that Outreach handles impressively. They’re not so obvious in their own marketing

I need to write more

∙ 2 min

I just haven’t authored enough lately and I want to change that.

Programmatically generate webpage preview images

∙ 5 min

An article explaining how to cleverly use Cloudinary to produce OG and X preview images

Building and maintaining ABM target lists - Part 2

∙ 8 min

It’s easy to trip up on some structural mistakes when forming your target list in whatever system you’re using. Here is my experience on how to leverage best practices and avoid them.

Building and maintaining ABM target lists - Part 1

∙ 9 min

Account-based marketing programs depend wholly on a clean, logical and up-to-date target list of accounts. Building and maintaining this is easier said than done.

Language switching UI/UX on multilingual sites

∙ 8 min ∙ Deutsch

After researching how to implement language switching on multilingual websites and building my own flow, I share my thoughts and what I learned.

Scrubbing myself of The Firm

∙ 4 min ∙ Deutsch

McKinsey crossed a line that cut into my life deeply. I’m bidding them farewell.

Hacking Airtable to manage enterprise terminology

∙ 6 min ∙ Deutsch

Words and consistency of usage matter. Here’s a lightweight method to start managing your enterprise terminology to make your content better.

N26 has a user experience problem

∙ 6 min ∙ Deutsch

N26’s mission is to make banking the world loves. They’ve almost gotten it right, but there’s a critical problem with the experience.

About my images

∙ 3 min ∙ Deutsch

Here’s where I get the images to accompany each post.

Why Notion changes website builds

∙ 6 min ∙ Deutsch

Using Notion to rapidly build website content hierarchies and the content itself is proving to be highly effective for me. I share my experiences so far.

International relocation during a pandemic

∙ 5 min ∙ Deutsch

The story of how we moved from London to Berlin during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Untangling information architecture and sitemaps

∙ 3 min ∙ Deutsch

Thoughts on the conflation of information archicture and sitemaps

Notes without databases

∙ 7 min ∙ Deutsch

After bouncing around between note-taking apps, I decided to build by own setup with readily-availible tools.

How I built this site

∙ 3 min ∙ Deutsch

Learn which toolset I used to build this site and how you can do it too.

Photo management without databases

∙ 8 min ∙ Deutsch

I got sick of being locked into one photo app or another photo app so built a independent setup.

Password managers for marketing teams

∙ 7 min ∙ Deutsch

I documented some non-trivial lessons I’ve learned along the way of using password managers when running a marketing team.