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About my images

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One of my son's drawings

I debated back and forth about what kind of images I would use for this site.

Stock images

I decided against stock photos for the following reasons:

Cheesy stock photo
❌ Nobody in the history of commerce has ever done this, so don’t subject your users to it. 🤢


Great illustrations really add to a website. I also feel like here you have to “go big or go home”. Downloading free illustrations from generous artists is certainly one way to go, but sooner or later you start to see the illustrations from the likes of Undraw everywhere you look. And I didn’t want that either. Nonetheless, Katerina Limpitsouni did an amazing job with Undraw and I wish I had the artistic ability to create something original like it for myself, but I don’t.

Alternatively, you can buy a customized illustration set. But I felt like I would reach my limit quickly as I tried to find that one illustration that captured my post. So I’d ultimately be disappointed.

Lastly, you can create your own illustrations (or have someone do it for you) but I had no appetite for that cost and am not artistic myself. For corporate users with budget, I would definitely go this way.

Procreate's website

Do it yourself

My son likes to draw. I like to draw with him. We do it together on our iPad. We use Procreate. He has fun and I have fun. I decided to ask for his help in building this site. He makes me so proud and I get to show it off this way.

Procreate's website

Which creative image/photo/illustration ideas have you used for your websites?

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