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I need to write more

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I’ve been far too inactive on my blog and it’s time to change that. There are so many ideas swirling around and they’re crying out to be published. Many of them have been there for a long while and some of them matured in their clarity during my time between my last position at RWS and my new one at Webhelp.

Writing is important to me. It helps me crystalize my thoughts and discover the overlooked nuances of my topic. My brain works more visually than I ever thought in the past and seeing things (be it articles or diagrams) helps me identify what I haven’t thought through. But I’m thinking too much and not authoring enough. Forcing myself to author ideas before having given a topic its due thought feels unnatural for me.

I’ve also been quite taken aback by the amount of really great threads on Twitter. Every time I see an interesting thread, a little part of me wishes the author had published its content on his or her own website. Check out The Indieweb community and this great talk by Zach Leatherman on POSSE and PESOS approaches to owning and syndicating your content: Own your content on Social Media using the IndieWeb.

Rand Fishkin from Sparktoro published an article on exactly this topic (blog posts vs. Twitter threads) a little while ago and it really hit home.

My takeaways from all these thoughts:

Join me. The web is better when we all author and share our ideas.

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