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Growth Strategist, B2B Marketer, Podcaster, Technology Geek

Hi, I’m Robert and I’m based near Berlin. I proudly run group demand generation within Webhelp’s marketing team. I’m multilingual, B2B-focused and versatile. Technology and its positive impact on our lives inspires me. Consider me a growth-minded Swiss Army knife: I craft coherent growth strategies while aligning sales and marketing, but can also run CRMs, launch campaigns, guide strategic selling, build websites and manage the teams behind all that.

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A mix of strategic and tactical articles on all things sales and marketing, as well as personal thoughts on anything under the sun.

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The problem with (SFDC) Leads

∙ 8 min

I explore some problems within the Salesforce data model - specifically Leads, and how to address the issue in B2B enterprise marketing.

Addressing the content gating problem - Part 1

∙ 7 min

To gate or not to gate: that is the quesiton. Content marketers struggle with this because of the website frameworks we’re used to. There’s a better way.

In defense of 100%

∙ 5 min

My thoughts on the incarnation of 80/20 in the business world and its hidden negative effects

Outreach’s less known email superpowers

∙ 6 min

I walk you through two sales/marketing use-cases that Outreach handles impressively. They’re not so obvious in their own marketing

I need to write more

∙ 2 min

I just haven’t authored enough lately and I want to change that.