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Growth Strategist, B2B Marketer, Podcaster, Technology Geek

Hi, I’m Robert and I’m based near Berlin. I proudly run group demand generation within Webhelp’s marketing team. I’m multilingual, B2B-focused and versatile. Technology and its positive impact on our lives inspires me. Consider me a growth-minded Swiss Army knife: I craft coherent growth strategies while aligning sales and marketing, but can also run CRMs, launch campaigns, guide strategic selling, build websites and manage the teams behind all that.

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A mix of strategic and tactical articles on all things sales and marketing, as well as personal thoughts on anything under the sun.

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Programmatically generate webpage preview images

∙ 5 min

An article explaining how to cleverly use Cloudinary to produce OG and Twitter preview images

Building and maintaining ABM target lists - Part 2

∙ 8 min

It’s easy to trip up on some structural mistakes when forming your target list in whatever system you’re using. Here is my experience on how to leverage best practices and avoid them.

Building and maintaining ABM target lists - Part 1

∙ 9 min

Account-based marketing programs depend wholly on a clean, logical and up-to-date target list of accounts. Building and maintaining this is easier said than done.

Language switching UI/UX on multilingual sites

∙ 8 min ∙ Deutsch

After researching how to implement language switching on multilingual websites and building my own flow, I share my thoughts and what I learned.

Scrubbing myself of The Firm

∙ 4 min ∙ Deutsch

McKinsey crossed a line that cut into my life deeply. I’m bidding them farewell.